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USB adapter for ESP01  
On stock: Help 98 | SKU: NAR-2188
PLN 12,00
PLN 9,76 w/o VAT
EUR 2,64
EUR 2,15 w/o VAT

USB adapter for ESP01. Switch to select between programming and UART mode.

8MB PSRAM chip for Teensy 4.1 [PJRC IC_PSRAM_8MB_SOIC8]  
On stock: Help 42 | SKU: TEN-2183
PLN 13,00
PLN 10,57 w/o VAT
EUR 2,85
EUR 2,32 w/o VAT

8MB PSRAM chip for Teensy 4.1 KIT (SDS011/BME280), English language, harness cable edition  
On stock: Help 18 | SKU: KIT-2186
PLN 269,00
PLN 218,70 w/o VAT
EUR 59,13
EUR 48,07 w/o VAT (aka Luftdaten) compatible kit - all components to build, soldered and programmed. NodeMCU with firmware with English language. NovaFitness SD011 and BME280.

Kit with dedicated harness cable, making sturdy connection.

With BME280 (pressure readings)

Hardware SDS011 restarter for NAM 0.3  
On stock: Help 73 | SKU: MOD-2143
PLN 44,00
PLN 35,77 w/o VAT
EUR 9,67
EUR 7,86 w/o VAT

Simple module plugged directly to EXT port of NAM 0.3. This device allows for power cycling of SDS011.

TT DC Geared Motor Bracket  
On stock: Help 88 | SKU: ROB-1974
PLN 2,90
PLN 2,36 w/o VAT
EUR 0,64
EUR 0,52 w/o VAT

TT DC Geared Motor Bracket - stable and firm bracket

Heltec CubeCell Plus HTCC-AM02 LoRa 868 MHz  
On stock: Help 12 | SKU: MOD-1989
PLN 89,00
PLN 72,36 w/o VAT
EUR 19,56
EUR 15,90 w/o VAT

Heltec CubeCell Plus HTCC-AM02 LoRa 868 MHz - ARM Cortex M0+ and LoRa SX1262 radio. IPX (U.FL) connector

ULN2003 driver module (SMD)  
On stock: : n/a | SKU: MOD-2078
PLN 3,90
PLN 3,17 w/o VAT
EUR 0,86
EUR 0,70 w/o VAT

ULN2003 driver module (SMD)

Nettigo Air Monitor (KIT 0.3.3 PRO SHT/BMP language EN) - Build your own smog sensor!  
On stock: : n/a | SKU: KIT-2173
PLN 369,00
PLN 300,00 w/o VAT
EUR 81,09
EUR 65,93 w/o VAT

Version NAM 0.3.3

Kit to solder, includes Wemos with English Firmware (can be changed after configuration). Includes SHT31/BMP180 instead of BME280. Has external WiFi antenna.

Arduino Mega 2560 R3 Clone ATmega16U2 - factory sealed  
On stock: Help 37 | SKU: ARD-1797
PLN 129,00
PLN 104,88 w/o VAT
EUR 28,35
EUR 23,05 w/o VAT

Arduino Mega 2560 R3 Clone ATmega16U2 - factory sealed. 1:1 clone of Arduino Mega 2560 R3 (no CH340 like on cheaper clones).

MakerBeam 1 piece of 150mm clear anodised  
On stock: Help 24 | SKU: MKB-1984
PLN 6,49
PLN 5,28 w/o VAT
EUR 1,43
EUR 1,16 w/o VAT

MakerBeam - clear, anodized, 1 piece 150 mm

Arduino Pro Mini Clone ATMega328P 5V/16MHz with different pin layut (A6-A7)  
On stock: Help 245 | SKU: ARD-2172
PLN 24,00
PLN 19,51 w/o VAT
EUR 5,28
EUR 4,29 w/o VAT

WiFly shield -  RN-131C shield for Arduino
On stock: Help 1 | SKU: MOD-130
PLN 353,99
PLN 287,80 w/o VAT
EUR 77,80
EUR 63,25 w/o VAT
PLN 35,40
PLN 28,78 w/o VAT
EUR 7,78
EUR 6,33 w/o VAT

WiFly shield - RN-131C shield for Arduino

Protoboard (strip/bread board type), single sided, 79x145 mm  
On stock: Help 49 | SKU: PRO-2166
PLN 11,00
PLN 8,94 w/o VAT
EUR 2,41
EUR 1,96 w/o VAT

Protoboard to build circuit (solder). Stripboard type but also it is compatible with breadboard layout. Transfer circuit from breadboard to soldered one on this protoboard is simple task.

Motor driver module TB6612FNG  
On stock: Help 20 | SKU: ROB-2169
PLN 39,00
PLN 31,71 w/o VAT
EUR 8,57
EUR 6,97 w/o VAT

Motor driver module TB6612FNG

Smal sensor case (16x15mm)  
On stock: Help 11 | SKU: AKC-2167
PLN 6,90
PLN 5,61 w/o VAT
EUR 1,51
EUR 1,23 w/o VAT

Small case for PCB with sensor like SHT31 or BME280.

Ethernet network module based on WIZnet W5500  
On stock: Help 17 | SKU: MOD-1629
PLN 34,90
PLN 28,37 w/o VAT
EUR 7,67
EUR 6,24 w/o VAT

Ethernet/Fast Ethernet module. WIZnet 5500 - hardwired TCP/IP controller, 32kB buffer, up to 8 simultaneous connections.

DS1307 RTC Shield for Wemos D1 mini  
On stock: Help 10 | SKU: MOD-1687
PLN 16,90
PLN 13,74 w/o VAT
EUR 3,71
EUR 3,02 w/o VAT

DS1307 RTC Shield for Wemos D1 mini

Ethernet network module ENC28J60 with 3.3V regulator  
On stock: : n/a | SKU: MOD-2012
PLN 16,99
PLN 13,81 w/o VAT
EUR 3,74
EUR 3,04 w/o VAT

Connect your microcontroller to Ethernet via SPI.

Heltec CubeCell HTCC-AB01 LoRa 433 MHz Development Board  
On stock: Help 13 | SKU: MOD-2133
PLN 114,00
PLN 92,68 w/o VAT
EUR 25,05
EUR 20,37 w/o VAT

Small development board build on efficient ARM Cortex M0+ and LoRa radio! Build in solar and lithium battery energy management system. Arduino compatible!

IR pilot, 21 keys  
On stock: Help 24 | SKU: AKC-2088
PLN 4,90
PLN 3,98 w/o VAT
EUR 1,07
EUR 0,87 w/o VAT

IR pilot, with battery included. May by used to control Arduino.

ECG heart monitoring sensor AD8232  
On stock: : n/a | SKU: MOD-1928
PLN 49,90
PLN 40,57 w/o VAT
EUR 10,97
EUR 8,92 w/o VAT

Simple ECG sensor.

It is not a medical device!


On stock: Help 10 | SKU: AKC-982
PLN 0,50
PLN 0,41 w/o VAT
EUR 0,11
EUR 0,09 w/o VAT

Module Olimex ESP32-POE-ISO-EA -ESP32 with Ethernet, PoE and external antenna.  
On stock: Help 34 | SKU: MOD-2085
PLN 192,90
PLN 156,83 w/o VAT
EUR 42,40
EUR 34,47 w/o VAT

All in one module! ESP32 with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet 100Mbps, PoE, LiPo charger, USB & microUSD. External antenna - better connectivity

Module Olimex ESP32-POE-ISO - ESP32 with Ethernet and galvanic isolation  
On stock: Help 33 | SKU: MOD-2084
PLN 179,00
PLN 145,53 w/o VAT
EUR 39,34
EUR 31,98 w/o VAT

All in one module! ESP32 with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet 100Mbps, PoE, LiPo charger, USB and microSD.

Heltec CubeCell Dev-Board Plus HTCC-AB02 LoRa 868 MHz - development board  
On stock: Help 2 | SKU: MOD-1988
PLN 129,00
PLN 104,88 w/o VAT
EUR 28,35
EUR 23,05 w/o VAT

Small development board with LoRaWAN support. Designed for energy-effcient sensors. Built in LiPo battery management circuit, support for small solar panels. OLED display (0.96” 128x64).

MakerBeam XL Black Starter Kit Premium  
On stock: : n/a | SKU: MKB-2081
PLN 890,00
PLN 723,58 w/o VAT
EUR 195,61
EUR 159,03 w/o VAT

Using MakerbeamXL Starter Kit you can build your robot chassis, metal platform for your project and many many other things.

Bipolar transistor NPN 2N2222A., 0.8A, 30V  
On stock: Help 55 | SKU: UKS-506
PLN 0,98
PLN 0,80 w/o VAT
EUR 0,22
EUR 0,18 w/o VAT

Bipolar transistor NPN 2N2222A.

Nettigo Air Monitor (KIT SHT31/BMP180 0.3.3 PRO soldered), external antenna  
On stock: : n/a | SKU: KIT-2159
PLN 519,00
PLN 421,95 w/o VAT
EUR 114,07
EUR 92,74 w/o VAT

Version NAM 0.3.3

Doesn't require soldering!

Complete solution to measure PM2.5, PM10, temperature, humidity and pressure.

Alkaline battery LR03 AAA Varta Industrial Pro 1.5V  
On stock: Help 23 | SKU: ZAS-2055
PLN 1,80
PLN 1,46 w/o VAT
EUR 0,39
EUR 0,32 w/o VAT

Good alkaline AAA battery.

micro:bit Experiment Box Kit (Elecfreaks EF08200)  
On stock: : n/a | SKU: MBT-2154
PLN 249,90
PLN 203,17 w/o VAT
EUR 54,92
EUR 44,65 w/o VAT

A set of electronic components in a orange box. All the components are placed on a rigid printed circuit board. Connections are made using convenient cables with banana plugs.

Działa z BBC micro:bit V1 i V2