Nettigo Air Monitor - PCB 0.3.3

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PCB for NAM 0.3 series. Designed for Kradex Z59 enclosure.

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Nettigo Air Monitor PCB for Kradex Z59 enclosure

Nettigo Air Monitor PCB series 0.3. Perfect companion for Kradex Z59 enclosure. On board you will find place for WiFi module Wemos D1 mini V2 i Nova Fitnes SDS011 laser dust sensor. Five I2C connectors and one OneWire (DHT22/DS18B20). You may XH2.54 connectors as well as standard goldpin headers.

Set includes:

  • Nettigo Air Monitor PCB (version 0.3.2)


NAM 0.3 STD (embedded WiFi antenna)
NAM 0.3 - PRO (external WiFi antena)
NAM 0.3 - parts and accessories:
Power accessories for NAM