Mounting bracket for Nettigo Air Monitor 0.3


Universal mounting bracket for Kradex Z59 enclosure used in NAM 0.3 project.

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Universal mounting bracket for the Kradex Z59 enclosure used in the Nettigo Air Monitor 0.3 series. It allows for convenient installation of the enclosure without the need to open it. With its help, you can mount the NAM 0.3 to a wall, mast, gutter or railing. When mounting NAM to a wall, you only need to use one bracket. In the case of mounting on a mast or railing, we recommend using two. The bracket to the back of the housing is mounted using 6x30mm plastic expansion bolts. Vertical holes in bracket allow you to insert cable ties.

Set includes:

  • 1 pcs x Mounting bracket
  • 2 szt x Plastic sleeve expansion bold 6x30mm
  • 1 szt x Cable tie 432x4,8mm black

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