Nettigo Air Monitor (KIT BME 0.3.3 PRO language EN) - Build your own smog sensor!

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Version NAM 0.3.3

Kit to solder, includes Wemos with English Firmware (can be changed after configuration)

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Due to lack of good Wemoses PRO we use our own module (Bidamos) in this kit. Is built on ESP07s and comes soldered. It does not have ceramic antena will work only with external one (included in this kit)


  • Do not power it up until you connect antenna
  • Double check pin alignment when placing module into socket - powering a wrongly placed module may damage ESP07

Since firmware NAMF-2020-44 default WiFi password is

This KIT requires soldering and basic manual skills. Before assembly you should know how to solder and use screwdriver.

What's the deal with NAM sensor

NAM sensor is based on Sensor.Community (Luftadten) project. Thus Your sensor automatically will send data to Sensor.Community sensor network. It has better case and it is soldered on dedicated PCB. No more data loss due to faulty jumper wire. And, in our opinion most important difference: heating chamber with automatic air conditioning to keep relative humidity below 70%. Why it is so important?

This figure shows PM10 readings from two SDS011 based sensors with RH close to 100%. One is equipped with heating chamber (green line) and one is not (yellow line). Without heating and control element in RH higher than 70% You can observe condensation. With this process water and dust particles combine making more and bigger objects. Optical sensors can return readings few times higher when condensation phenomenon is present.

Wersja PRO

This is version NAM 0.3.3 PRO - it has Wemos D1 mini PRO. It has connector to external antenna (pigtail and antenna are included). With external antenna module has better WiFi range - in other words can be placed in bigger distance from WiFi Access Point (compared to version NAM 0.3.3 STD) and will work better in environments with many WiFi networks.

WARNING Wemos D1 mini Pro has internal ceramic antenna, which is enabled by default. To activate external antenna You have to solder SMD jumper. This a bit harder task than soldering THT elements (all other components in NAM are THT kind). You can check with soldering instructions what You have to do, to enable external antenna.

There is always other option - buy NAM 0.3.3 PRO already soldered.

Set includes:


NAM 0.3 STD (embedded WiFi antenna)
NAM 0.3 - PRO (external WiFi antena)
NAM 0.3 - parts and accessories:
Power accessories for NAM