Nettigo Air Monitor - LCD KIT - Blue-white 4x20 characters LCD

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LCD for NAM 0.3

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Character display for NAM 0.3

This is extension for Nettigo Air Monitor 0.3 BASE KIT.

Kit includes character LCD (should be connected to LCD I2C on NAM 0.3 board), cable, crews and brass stand offs. This hardware allows you to mount LCD directly above NAM 0.3 motherboard. LCD can display 4 lines with 20 characters each.

Set includes:

For older NAM kits (KIT-1753 before revision D) You need 35 standoff. If they are too long (some LCDs are a bit higher and case lid will touch them when screwed) You can pile them off. KIT-1909 and current KIT-1753 have 18 mm standoffs included. With this standoffs You should use 16mm standoffs, together it will make 34 mm - no need to file them off.


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