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Nettigo Air Monitor (KIT 0.3.2 soldered) - Build your own smog sensor!
On stock: 6 | SKU: KIT-1909
PLN 599,00
PLN 486,99 w/o VAT
EUR 134,61
EUR 109,44 w/o VAT
PLN 499,00
PLN 405,69 w/o VAT
EUR 112,14
EUR 91,17 w/o VAT

Version NAM 0.3.2

Doesn't require soldering!

Luftdaten.org.pl KIT (SDS011/BME280)  
On stock: 9 | SKU: KIT-1873
PLN 225,00
PLN 182,93 w/o VAT
EUR 50,56
EUR 41,11 w/o VAT

Nettigo Air Monitor (KIT 0.3.2) - Build your own smog sensor!  
On stock: 30 | SKU: KIT-1753
PLN 349,00
PLN 283,74 w/o VAT
EUR 78,43
EUR 63,76 w/o VAT

Version NAM 0.3.2

Inventor's Kit for the BBC micro:bit  
On stock: 5 | SKU: MBT-1255
PLN 119,90
PLN 97,48 w/o VAT
EUR 26,95
EUR 21,91 w/o VAT

Get more from the BBC micro:bit with Kitronik's incredible Inventor's kit! The simple way to learn about creating circuits and code.

Nova Fitnes SDS011 Air Quality Sensor  
On stock: 221 | SKU: SEN-1085
PLN 139,00
PLN 113,01 w/o VAT
EUR 31,24
EUR 25,40 w/o VAT

High precision laser air quality sensor with USB connection

LCD TFT 2.4" ILI9341 with touch  
On stock: 46 | SKU: LCD-994
PLN 39,90
PLN 32,44 w/o VAT
EUR 8,97
EUR 7,29 w/o VAT

MakerBeam Black Starter Kit Regular  
On stock: 3 | SKU: MKB-273
PLN 399,90
PLN 325,12 w/o VAT
EUR 89,86
EUR 73,06 w/o VAT

Using Makerbeam Starter Kit you can build your robot chassis, metal platform for your project and many many other things.

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