WiFi Module ESP-07S based on ESP8266, higher sleep current

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Small module with WiFi on board lets You connect Arduino to Internet. But theres a lot more! This tinny board can work as standalone microcontroller with WiFi connectivity and 9 GPIO!

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These modules are taking more current in deep sleep mode than declared in specification. Current consumption in deep sleep is over 20 µA up to 95 µA. If You need ESP to work continuously, then these modules are perfect. Boards have markings on case, as seen on second picture.

ESP8266 - interesting platform for WiFi enabled projects

This small board can act as WiFi module for Arduino (or other µc - Teensy, Netduino, etc) or as standalone microcontroller. With RISC processor running at 80 MHz and with 4MB Flash You can do lot interesting projects. It has 9 GPIO pins to interact with other modules (OneWire, I2C, SPI).

ESP8266-07s technical details

  • 9 GPIO ports, each PWM capable
  • RISC processor 80MHz
  • power supply 3.3V (3.6V max)
  • logic levels 3.3V
  • IPX antenna connector
  • 4 MB of flash

To program ESP You will need FTDI friend or USB/Serial converter. FTDI cable 3 V will work only if You provide other power source, FTDI cable, even 3V version has 5V at it’s power line.

W also carry adapter, which has all ESP GPIO in 2.54 raster - You can plug this adapter directly into breadboard or connect standard F-M cables.

Module is great tool for application prototyping. ESP8266 chip has FCC certification, however not as this module (with PCB).

Module is great tool for application prototyping. Module has FCC certification FCC ID: 2AHMR-ESP07S

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