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Ultrasonic range sensor HC-SR04  
On stock: : n/a | SKU: SEN-547
PLN 6,29
PLN 5,11 w/o VAT
EUR 1,37
EUR 1,11 w/o VAT

Simple and cheap ultrasonic range sensor

Ultrasonic sensor XL-MaxSonar-AE0 [MB1300]  
On stock: Help 6 | SKU: MXB-550
PLN 202,00
PLN 164,23 w/o VAT
EUR 43,91
EUR 35,70 w/o VAT

The XL‑MaxSonar‑AE0 offers the widest and most sensitive beam pattern of any indoor sensor we currently offer. This makes the XL-MaxSonar-AE0 an excellent choice wherever wide beam detection, reliable people detection, or reliable small obstacle detection are required.

LilyPad:  buzzer  
On stock: Help 1 | SKU: ETK-544
PLN 33,00
PLN 26,83 w/o VAT
EUR 7,17
EUR 5,83 w/o VAT

Buzzer for Your e-textiles project making some noise

2 digit LED Display, 7 Segment, Green  
On stock: Help 22 | SKU: LED-538
PLN 4,19
PLN 3,41 w/o VAT
EUR 0,91
EUR 0,74 w/o VAT

LED Display, 7 Segment, Green, 14.2 mm, common anode. Two digits.

Battery 9V connector with wires  
On stock: Help 164 | SKU: ZAS-531
PLN 0,90
PLN 0,73 w/o VAT
EUR 0,20
EUR 0,16 w/o VAT

Do You need connect 9V battery to Your project? Easy and solid connection with this connector.

DHT22 - humidity and temperature sensor - breadboard friendly  
On stock: Help 132 | SKU: SEN-525
PLN 29,00
PLN 23,58 w/o VAT
EUR 6,31
EUR 5,13 w/o VAT

DHT22 - small, easy to use humidity and temperature sensor. With pullup resistor included.

Ultrasonic XL‑MaxSonar‑EZ2 sensor [MB1220]  
On stock: Help 6 | SKU: MXB-521
PLN 180,00
PLN 146,34 w/o VAT
EUR 39,13
EUR 31,81 w/o VAT

distance measure up to 7.65m, analog out, serial, PWM

Ultrasonic XL‑MaxSonar‑EZ4 sensor  
On stock: Help 2 | SKU: MXB-520
PLN 180,00
PLN 146,34 w/o VAT
EUR 39,13
EUR 31,81 w/o VAT

distance measure7.65m, analog output, serial, PWM

Ultrasonic sensor MB7092  
On stock: Help 9 | SKU: MXB-519
PLN 499,00
PLN 405,69 w/o VAT
EUR 108,47
EUR 88,19 w/o VAT

The XL-MaxSonar-WRMA1 ignores smaller targets and only reports the range to target with the largest acoustic return. This is our most advanced weather resistant sensor designed for target detection and ranging outdoors or in tank or bin applications.

AutoDriver - stepper motor driver
On stock: Help 1 | SKU: ROB-518
PLN 129,00
PLN 104,88 w/o VAT
EUR 28,04
EUR 22,80 w/o VAT
PLN 96,75
PLN 78,66 w/o VAT
EUR 21,03
EUR 17,10 w/o VAT

This AutoDriver makes it easy to put the L6470 Stepper Driver to work in your project.

Sticker for ATmega328  
On stock: Help 164 | SKU: PRO-516
PLN 0,25
PLN 0,20 w/o VAT
EUR 0,05
EUR 0,04 w/o VAT

Do You use ATmega on breadboard? Then this sticker with all pins described will be real time saver!

LilyPad PixelBoard  
On stock: Help 5 | SKU: LED-515
PLN 15,99
PLN 13,00 w/o VAT
EUR 3,48
EUR 2,83 w/o VAT

LilyPad PixelBoard - can be chained.

6 AA batteries holder  
On stock: Help 16 | SKU: ZAS-514
PLN 2,90
PLN 2,36 w/o VAT
EUR 0,63
EUR 0,51 w/o VAT

A convenient holder for six AA batteries

DIP28 socket  
On stock: Help 56 | SKU: AKC-513
PLN 0,23
PLN 0,19 w/o VAT
EUR 0,05
EUR 0,04 w/o VAT

DIP28 socket (like ATmega328/168)

PCB universal board (perfboard) 5 x 7 cm  
On stock: Help 177 | SKU: PRO-512
PLN 1,29
PLN 1,05 w/o VAT
EUR 0,28
EUR 0,23 w/o VAT

Perfboard (5 x 7 cm), raster 2.54mm, 18x24 holes

LilyPad Simple Power
On stock: Help 6 | SKU: ZAS-509
PLN 47,00
PLN 38,21 w/o VAT
EUR 10,22
EUR 8,31 w/o VAT
PLN 39,99
PLN 32,51 w/o VAT
EUR 8,70
EUR 7,07 w/o VAT

Connect Your e-textile projext to power source (LiPo battery) with this module.

Headers for  Arduino Mega Proto Shield  
On stock: Help 65 | SKU: PRO-507
PLN 9,00
PLN 7,32 w/o VAT
EUR 1,96
EUR 1,59 w/o VAT

Do You need Proto Shield for Arduino Mega R3, with long pins and all outputs brought on shield? This headers set (no PCB!) is for You!

Teensy 2.0 AVR ATmega32u4 16MHz [PJRC TEENSY]  
On stock: Help 69 | SKU: TEN-503
PLN 99,00
PLN 80,49 w/o VAT
EUR 21,52
EUR 17,50 w/o VAT

Development board Teensy 2.0 - ATmega32u4, small footprint (1.2” x 0.7)

4WD Arduino Platform (SeeedStudio 110990070)
On stock: : n/a | SKU: ROB-502
PLN 229,00
PLN 186,18 w/o VAT
EUR 49,78
EUR 40,47 w/o VAT
PLN 171,74
PLN 139,63 w/o VAT
EUR 37,33
EUR 30,35 w/o VAT

Development platform for your first robot

16-bit I/O Expander for I2C Bus  
On stock: : n/a | SKU: UKS-489
PLN 15,01
PLN 12,20 w/o VAT
EUR 3,26
EUR 2,65 w/o VAT

16-bit I/O Expander for I2C Bus

Microcontroller ATtiny85-20PU  
On stock: : n/a | SKU: UKS-481
PLN 12,00
PLN 9,76 w/o VAT
EUR 2,61
EUR 2,12 w/o VAT

6 IO lines, 8 kB Flash, 512 B RAM and EEPROM, 4 channel 10-bit ADC, DIP8

LED Display, 7 Segment, 2 Digits, Red, 14.2 mm  
On stock: Help 14 | SKU: LED-480
PLN 4,49
PLN 3,65 w/o VAT
EUR 0,97
EUR 0,79 w/o VAT

LED Dispaly, 7 Segment, Red, 14.2 mm, common anode

LED Display, 7 Segment, Red, 13.2 mm  
On stock: Help 8 | SKU: LED-479
PLN 3,00
PLN 2,44 w/o VAT
EUR 0,65
EUR 0,53 w/o VAT

LED Display, 7 Segment, Red, 13.2 mm, common anode

LED Display, 7 Segment, Green, 13.2 mm  
On stock: Help 14 | SKU: LED-478
PLN 1,69
PLN 1,37 w/o VAT
EUR 0,37
EUR 0,30 w/o VAT

LED Display, 7 Segment, Green, 13.2 mm, common anode

Audio Jack Breakout PCB  
On stock: Help 166 | SKU: MOD-477
PLN 4,90
PLN 3,98 w/o VAT
EUR 1,07
EUR 0,87 w/o VAT

Audio Jack Breakout TRRS

Microcontroller  ATtiny4313 in DIP20 case  
On stock: : n/a | SKU: UKS-473
PLN 8,49
PLN 6,90 w/o VAT
EUR 1,85
EUR 1,50 w/o VAT

DIP20, 4 kB flash, 256B RAM

Infrared Proximity Sensor Long Range  
On stock: Help 3 | SKU: SEN-472
PLN 54,00
PLN 43,90 w/o VAT
EUR 11,74
EUR 9,54 w/o VAT

Infrared Proximity Sensor Long Range, Analog Output

Breadboard trim potentiometer 10k, linear  
On stock: Help 33 | SKU: PAS-466
PLN 1,50
PLN 1,22 w/o VAT
EUR 0,33
EUR 0,27 w/o VAT

Breadboard trim potentiometer 10k, linear

A charlieplexed LED matrix kit for the Arduino
On stock: Help 7 | SKU: LED-465
PLN 114,00
PLN 92,68 w/o VAT
EUR 24,78
EUR 20,15 w/o VAT
PLN 74,10
PLN 60,24 w/o VAT
EUR 16,11
EUR 13,10 w/o VAT

9x14 blue LED display as a shield for Arduino

Outdoor Ultrasonic Range Sensor XL-MaxSonar-WRA [MB7072]  
On stock: Help 2 | SKU: MXB-414
PLN 460,00
PLN 373,98 w/o VAT
EUR 100,00
EUR 81,30 w/o VAT

Range 7.5m, IP67, analog envelope, stability filtering