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LilyPad: Accelerometer ADXL335  
On stock: 2 | SKU: SEN-542
PLN 59,99
PLN 48,77 w/o VAT
EUR 14,08
EUR 11,45 w/o VAT

Analog Accelerometer for Arduino LilyPad

Lilypad Light Sensor  
On stock: n/a | SKU: SEN-541
PLN 14,90
PLN 12,11 w/o VAT
EUR 3,49
EUR 2,84 w/o VAT

Analog light sensor

2 digit LED Display, 7 Segment, Green  
On stock: 10 | SKU: disp-led-2-green
PLN 3,90
PLN 3,17 w/o VAT
EUR 0,91
EUR 0,74 w/o VAT

LED Display, 7 Segment, Green, 14.2 mm, common anode. Two digits.

WTV020SD music board  
On stock: 3 | SKU: MOD-534
PLN 79,00
PLN 64,23 w/o VAT
EUR 18,55
EUR 15,08 w/o VAT

The WTV020SD is a small, simple IC for embedding audio-playback into your next project. These devices are commonly used in children's toys and "talking" retail displays. This breakout board allows you to access the functionality of the WTV020SD to give a voice to your next project.

Battery 9V connector with wires  
On stock: 40 | SKU: ZAS-531
PLN 0,90
PLN 0,73 w/o VAT
EUR 0,21
EUR 0,17 w/o VAT

Do You need connect 9V battery to Your project? Easy and solid connection with this connector.

Big Easy Driver - stepper motor driver, up to 2A per phase  
On stock: 1 | SKU: ROB-527
PLN 79,00
PLN 64,23 w/o VAT
EUR 18,55
EUR 15,08 w/o VAT

Easily drive various stepper motors with power consumption up to 2A per phase

DHT22 - humidity and temperature sensor - breadboard friendly  
On stock: 113 | SKU: SEN-525
PLN 24,90
PLN 20,24 w/o VAT
EUR 5,84
EUR 4,75 w/o VAT

DHT22 - small, easy to use humidity and temperature sensor. With pullup resistor included.

Ultrasonic XL‑MaxSonar‑EZ2 sensor [MB1220]  
On stock: 5 | SKU: mxb-mb1220
PLN 175,00
PLN 142,28 w/o VAT
EUR 41,08
EUR 33,40 w/o VAT

distance measure up to 7.65m, analog out, serial, PWM

Ultrasonic XL‑MaxSonar‑EZ4 sensor  
On stock: 2 | SKU: MXB-520
PLN 175,00
PLN 142,28 w/o VAT
EUR 41,08
EUR 33,40 w/o VAT

distance measure7.65m, analog output, serial, PWM

Ultrasonic sensor MB7092  
On stock: 2 | SKU: MXB-519
PLN 460,00
PLN 373,98 w/o VAT
EUR 107,98
EUR 87,79 w/o VAT

The XL-MaxSonar-WRMA1 ignores smaller targets and only reports the range to target with the largest acoustic return. This is our most advanced weather resistant sensor designed for target detection and ranging outdoors or in tank or bin applications.

AutoDriver - stepper motor driver
On stock: 1 | SKU: l6470-autodriver
PLN 129,00
PLN 104,88 w/o VAT
EUR 30,28
EUR 24,62 w/o VAT
PLN 96,75
PLN 78,66 w/o VAT
EUR 22,71
EUR 18,46 w/o VAT

This AutoDriver makes it easy to put the L6470 Stepper Driver to work in your project.

Sticker for ATmega328  
On stock: 525 | SKU: sticker-atm328
PLN 0,25
PLN 0,20 w/o VAT
EUR 0,06
EUR 0,05 w/o VAT

Do You use ATmega on breadboard? Then this sticker with all pins described will be real time saver!

LilyPad PixelBoard  
On stock: 6 | SKU: LED-515
PLN 15,99
PLN 13,00 w/o VAT
EUR 3,75
EUR 3,05 w/o VAT

LilyPad PixelBoard - can be chained.

6 AA batteries holder  
On stock: 8 | SKU: battery-holder-6aa
PLN 2,90
PLN 2,36 w/o VAT
EUR 0,68
EUR 0,55 w/o VAT

A convenient holder for six AA batteries

DIP28 socket  
On stock: 35 | SKU: AKC-513
PLN 0,23
PLN 0,19 w/o VAT
EUR 0,05
EUR 0,04 w/o VAT

DIP28 socket (like ATmega328/168)

PCB universal board (perfboard) 5 x 7 cm  
On stock: 126 | SKU: PRO-512
PLN 1,49
PLN 1,21 w/o VAT
EUR 0,35
EUR 0,28 w/o VAT

Perfboard (5 x 7 cm), raster 2.54mm, 18x24 holes

TMP006 - I2C breakout  
On stock: n/a | SKU: SEN-510
PLN 59,00
PLN 47,97 w/o VAT
EUR 13,85
EUR 11,26 w/o VAT

The TMP006 Breakout can measure the temperature of an object without making contact with it.

LilyPad Simple Power  
On stock: 10 | SKU: ZAS-509
PLN 47,00
PLN 38,21 w/o VAT
EUR 11,03
EUR 8,97 w/o VAT

Connect Your e-textile projext to power source (LiPo battery) with this module.

Adafruit Motor/Stepper/Servo v2
On stock: 16 | SKU: ROB-508
PLN 84,00
PLN 68,29 w/o VAT
EUR 19,72
EUR 16,03 w/o VAT
PLN 69,00
PLN 56,10 w/o VAT
EUR 16,20
EUR 13,17 w/o VAT

Want to build a robot? This shield will help! 4-H bridges each delivers 1.2A with 3A in peak

Headers for  Arduino Mega Proto Shield  
On stock: 161 | SKU: ard-mega-headers
PLN 9,00
PLN 7,32 w/o VAT
EUR 2,12
EUR 1,72 w/o VAT

Do You need Proto Shield for Arduino Mega R3, with long pins and all outputs brought on shield? This set is for You!

Teensy++ 2.0 AVR AT90USB1286 16MHz  
On stock: 12 | SKU: TEN-504
PLN 129,00
PLN 104,88 w/o VAT
EUR 30,28
EUR 24,62 w/o VAT

Development board Teensy++ 2.0 - AT90USB1286, small footprint (2" x 0.7")

Teensy 2.0 AVR ATmega32u4 16MHz  
On stock: 52 | SKU: TEN-503
PLN 89,00
PLN 72,36 w/o VAT
EUR 20,90
EUR 16,99 w/o VAT

Development board Teensy 2.0 - ATmega32u4, small footprint (1.2" x 0.7)

Moduł Bluetooth Low Energy
On stock: 5 | SKU: MOD-501
PLN 129,00
PLN 104,88 w/o VAT
EUR 30,28
EUR 24,62 w/o VAT
PLN 103,20
PLN 83,90 w/o VAT
EUR 24,22
EUR 19,69 w/o VAT

Moduł Bluetooth 4.0 - BLE, mini size

4WD Arduino Platform  
On stock: 4 | SKU: ROB-502
PLN 229,00
PLN 186,18 w/o VAT
EUR 53,75
EUR 43,70 w/o VAT

Development platform for your first robot

MP3 Trigger  
On stock: 1 | SKU: mp3-trigger
PLN 199,99
PLN 162,59 w/o VAT
EUR 46,95
EUR 38,17 w/o VAT

Simple MP3 module, allowing You to play programmed file from microSD card after one of 18 inputs gets activated

Big, red button  
On stock: 7 | SKU: AKC-490
PLN 49,00
PLN 39,84 w/o VAT
EUR 11,50
EUR 9,35 w/o VAT

Outside diameter 100mm

16-bit I/O Expander for I2C Bus  
On stock: 14 | SKU: mcp23017
PLN 6,00
PLN 4,88 w/o VAT
EUR 1,41
EUR 1,15 w/o VAT

16-bit I/O Expander for I2C Bus

Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2 8Mpix  
On stock: 4 | SKU: RPI-484
PLN 129,90
PLN 105,61 w/o VAT
EUR 30,49
EUR 24,79 w/o VAT

Raspberry Pi Camera Module

Microcontroller ATtiny85-20PU  
On stock: 6 | SKU: attiny85-20pu
PLN 7,79
PLN 6,33 w/o VAT
EUR 1,83
EUR 1,49 w/o VAT

6 IO lines, 8 kB Flash, 512 B RAM and EEPROM, 4 channel 10-bit ADC, DIP8

LED Display, 7 Segment, 2 Digits, Red, 14.2 mm  
On stock: 17 | SKU: disp-led-2-red
PLN 4,49
PLN 3,65 w/o VAT
EUR 1,06
EUR 0,86 w/o VAT

LED Dispaly, 7 Segment, Red, 14.2 mm, common anode