PCB adapter for ESP8266 modules

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PCB adapter with ESP8266 outputs in raster ready to use on breadboard.

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Adapter is for ESP8266 -07 and -12. Version -01 does not need adapter, it has already goldpins soldered.

Modules -07 and -12 are in format not ready to plug in breadboard. When You solder module onto this adapter You plug it directly into breadboard or use standard F-M wires to get access to all GPIO on board.

This adapter is being sold w/o ESP module, with goldpin added to board, but not soldered. Adapter has pin CH_PD pulled up to Vcc, so after You supply Vcc, ESP starts without any additional wires.

This adapter makes working with ESP8266 much easier. CH_PD is pulled to Vcc by 10k resistor (so module start working after You provide Vcc). GPIO15 is pulled down to GND by 10k resistor, so to burn new flash image just connect GPIO0 to GND during start.

Wrong silkscreen on adapter/module

Depending on production batch some -07 and -12 modules have replaced GPIO4 and GPIO5. Before You solder in ESP module check if silkscreen on adapter is correct to avoid errors later. You can take picture of bottom side of ESP module (there are GPIOs described).

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