LCD Shield 2x16 Kit

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Shield with alphanumeric 2x16 blue LCD display and 5 buttons read with single analog input. Soldering kit.

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LCD Shield with keypad read by analog input

Soldering Kit

Starting from May 30th 2017 we sell this product as soldering kit. Product pictures show already soldered kit!

Here is video instruction (in Polish):

Technical details

Simple Arduino shield equipped with blue LCD 2x16 and 5 buttons. Buttons are connected to voltage divider, so reading which key is pressed is just reading voltage. This means all buttons are connected to single pin in Arduino.

Technical details

  • Display 2 x 16 characters based on HD44870 driver,
  • five buttons connected to one pin analog-digital converter,
  • RESET button is placed away from regular buttons, thus You wont press it by accident
  • an integrated potentiometer to adjust the contrast,
  • 100% compatible with the Arduino project.
  • LCD is in socket, thus You can replace it as long it is HD44780 compatible at pin level (even 4x20, however it will cover keypad)
  • headers like on official Arduino shileds - now You can connect to other, not used by shield IO in Arduino

In case You don’t need special features of this shield, maybe standard LCD Shield is way to go?

Pins on Arduino used by LCD Shield

  • Digital: 9 (Enable), 8 (RS), 7, 6, 5, 4 (data bus for LCD)
  • Analog: 0 (keypad)


For shields sold in March 2015 and later use LiquidCrystal library (shipped with Arduino IDE) to display text on LCD and Nettigo Keypad for handling keypad.

Set includes:

Wyświetlacze znakowe (interfejs równoległy):
Wyświetlacze LCD I2C / SPI:
Akcesoria i moduły:


Library for Arduino IDE before 1.0, shieds sold before March 2015


Library for Arduino IDE 1.0 and later, for shields sold before March 2015


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