LCD 4x20 I2C blue 2004A

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80 g

Character LCD 4x20, blue background with white characters. I2C version.

Product is retired

Replaced by: Character LCD display 4x20 blue/white 2004A

Tags: arduino, i2c, LCD, 4x20, HD44780

LCD 4x20 display (blue/white) with I2C converter. Use of I2C converter means You need only 2 ports on Arduino to display text on this module. Classic connection requires at least 6 wires (and 6 IO ports) to connect it to Arduino.

What You will get buying this product?

Buy this product and You will get LCD and soldered on I2C converter. Connect Your Arduino I2C lines, power and GND and module is ready to use. We recommend female-male wires to connect module to Arduino.

How does it work?

The converter communicates with Arduino via I2C bus (SDA/SCL pins on Arduino UNO R3). Because of specification of this bus, they can be connected many different modules on just two pins. If you need for example two displays, there is no problem - you can do it. All you need is just set different address on each display (by soldering A1/A2/A3 jumpers).

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