LCD 2x16, character, amber

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Character display, 2 rows, 16 chars each. Nice, nostalgic feel with amber glow.

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LCD 2x16 amber characters, black background

You may be old enough to remember old amber monitors in early days of personal computing. If You are younger, maybe you know that from movies. Nostalgic look and feel. If You want to recreate elements of these feel in Your project, then this amber LCD can be useful.

This LCD is with HD44780 compatible interface, so You need 6 GPIO to drive it. Of course, standard I2C LCD adapter can be soldered and then your display can be controlled via I2C.


  • Supply voltage: 5V
  • Current consumption:
    • LCD controller: 2 - 3 mA
    • Backlight when active: 120mA
  • Size: 2 lines, 16 characters
  • Driver compatible with HD44780
  • Background: black
  • Characters: orange/amber
  • PCB size: 80 x 36 mm
  • Mounting holes spacing: 75 x 31 mm
  • Mounting holes size: 3 mm
  • Character size: 2.45 x 5.00 mm
  • Working temperatures : od -20C do +70C


As you can see, this module has parallel interface. To use it with I2C(TWI) You need I2C/LCD converter.

Pin Role Description Notes
1 VSS Ground  
2 VDD Power supply +5V
3 V0 Brightness  
4 RS Register select LOW - instruction
HIGH - data
5 RW Read/Write LOW - read
HIGH - write
6 E Enable HIGH enables writing to registers
7 DB0 Data bus  
8 DB1 Data bus  
9 DB2 Data bus  
10 DB3 Data bus  
11 DB4 Data bus  
12 DB5 Data bus  
13 DB6 Data bus  
14 DB7 Data bus  
15 A Backlight +5V
16 K Backlight ground  

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