Ethernet Shield for Nano, ENC28J60

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Small, compact and convenient - Ethernet shield for Arduino Nano. ENC28J60 on PCB with Nano footprint

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If You need Internet connectivity in Your project You will use ESP8266 based module if You has WiFi. But if You need to connect to Ethernet? Maybe old, plain Arduino will be enough? Most popular (in our opinion) small Arduino is Nano. And ENC28J60 is most popular Ethernet chip.

Building IoT project You rather want to have small, compact device. Jumper wires used to connect modules in this context are rather disadvantage.

Meet Ethernet Shield for Arduino Nano

This small, compact PCB with soldered connectors in Nano layout. Just solder goldpins into Nano and snap it in Ethernet shield. Or solder female socket and plug Ethernet Shield into Nano.

Sturdy connection, no loose parts or easy to disconnect jumper wires. Usage ENC28J60 with Arduino is very well described on many blogs, we have also one example (in Polish for now).


  • Size:
    • PCB: 63x18 mm
    • PCB with Ethernet connector: 67x18x17 mm
    • pins beneath PCB: 9.5 mm
  • Compatible with Nano
  • Ethernet driver: Microchip ENC28J60
  • Ethernet connector: HR911105A

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