Ethernet Module WIZnet W5500 USR-ES1 / W5500 Lite

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Small Ethernet module based on WIZnet W5500 chipset.

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Tags: ethernet, w5500

Compact size - huge capabilities

This small module is based on the WIZnet 5500 chipset. You may find this module under the names USR-ES1 or W5500 Lite. Unlike the cheaper modules based on ENC28J60, the modules on the WIZNet chipset W5100 and W5500 support the 100Base-TX mode. The module communicates with the microcontroller via the SPI bus.

Modules on Wiznet chipsets are slightly more expensive than modules on ENC28J60. Wiznet chipset, unlike ENC, process protocol stack and operations in hardware, which means less work for main microcontroller. This is quick and convenient solution even for 8-bit systems like Arduino. In addition, Wiznet chips allow you to use theirs RAM, which is another bonus. The last, but equally important argument to use Wiznet has the official support of Arduino, thanks to a much better developed library we can learn to program this module faster. And of course final program will also be smaller.


  • Chipset: WIZnet 5500
  • Module name: USR-ES1
  • Supply voltage: 3.3V min 200mA
  • Logic: 3.3V
  • Interface: SPI
  • PCB size: 23 x 25 mm
  • Module size: 28.8 x 23 x 24 mm

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