ESP01S - simple, easy to setup WiFi connectivity for Arduino or standalone ESP8266 node

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Small module with WiFi on board lets You connect Arduino to Internet. But theres a lot more! This tinny board can work as standalone microcontroller with WiFi connectivity and 2 GPIO!

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ESP8266 - interesting platform for WiFi enabled projects

This small board can act as WiFi module for Arduino (or other µc - Teensy, Netduino, etc) or as standalone microcontroller. With RISC processor running at 80 MHz and with 1MB Flash You can do lot interesting projects. It has 2 GPIO pins to interact with other modules (OneWire).

ESP8266-01S technical details

  • 2 GPIO ports, each PWM capable
  • RISC processor 80MHz
  • power supply 3.3V
  • logic levels 3.3V

To program ESP You will need :

Power supply During start and in some working modes ESP takes up to 220 mA of current. Not all USB/Serial converters will provide such current. In that case You will need some separate 3.3V source to power module. More on ESP8266 current consumption topic. TL;DR: module takes from 220 mA in 802.11b mode, through 130mA - 150 mA in n or g modes to single mA in power save modes.

What can I do with ESP8266-01?

Check this ready module with relay for ESP01 to control devices via WiFi. Read more on our blog Starter Kit

Module is great tool for application prototyping. ESP8266 chip has FCC certification, however not as this module (with PCB).

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