DC TT motor with 1:90 metal/plastic gearbox

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DC motor with 1:90 gearbox. 3-6V and 60-120 RPM. Gerbox with two metal gears.

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I’m blue da ba dee da ba daa

Are you looking for a powerful drive for your robot? Maybe you are building a small tank? Do you want your vehicle to move on steep slopes with no problem? Here is the improved version of the popular TT-motor drive unit. This format of the geared motor is called ** “TT Motor” **, probably after the name of the Chinese company that first started their production.

A few words about the motor performance

As you may noticed - this unit is powered by a DC motor. The recommended voltage is in range of 3 to 6 V.

On the market they are 3 popular types of gearboxes. All plastic, plastic & metal and all-metal. This geared motor is the representative of the middle category. The gearbox has been reinforced with two metal gears. In our opinion, this is the best solution - metal gears are only where it is necessary - the last two gears are carrying the largest loads.

This gearbox has a ratio of 1:90 which results in approximately 60-120 rpm. In comparison to the standard gear ratio 1:48, we get almost twice lower RPM, and thus almost twice as much torque. Why do we prefer a half metal gearbox? Because metal gears are loud. This gearbox is a lot louder than its plastic brother. But it does not make noise as much as a fully metal version. On the other hand, who would care about the noise in the battle tank :)

Please remember that, unlike the yellow version, this model has an axis only on one side. You can’t mount the encoder on the other side.

Depending on the supply voltage, you will get a different speed:

  • 3 V: ~60 RPM, 80 mA no load, 500 mA stall
  • 4.5 V: ~90 RPM, 90 mA no load, 800 mA stall
  • 6 V: ~120 RPM, 100 mA no load, 1000 mA stall

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