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Supplier: (aka Luftdaten) compatible kit - all components to build, soldered and programmed. NodeMCU with firmware with English language

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Default language is English

Starting from 28 Jul all kits sold under SKU KIT-1873 include nodeMCU with English firmware. If You need fw with Polish language, new KIT-2003 is for You.

This is complete set, with all mechanical parts (hydraulic elbows) and electronic components. All components are tested, soldered, programmed. Just plug and connect all things and You are ready to go!

This set include BME280 as humidity/temperature sensor. Compared with classic Luftdaten set it provides also air pressure measurement and is more durable than DHT22 used in classic set. But fear not, if You need we have classic set for You: all electronic components to build Sensor.comunnity/Luftdaten sensor (no mechanical elements)

I plan to do workshop, I need more of them!

Our web interface does not allow order more than few with shipping to country other than Poland. We are working on introducing DHL shipping directly from web interface, but until then:

  • In single package we can send up to 18 kits. We can send more than one package, so there is possible to order them more than 18
  • Shipping cost using DHL Road Service for 18 kits will depend on destination country and it is in range from 140 up to 180 PLN (31-41 EUR at current exchange rate)
  • Delivery time is from 2 working days for countries near Poland up to 5-7 (working!) days for more distant ones (Portugal for example)
  • In case we don't have enough kits already on stock, we need 2-3 working days to get more of them

Using above information You can plan ahead if You want to organize workshops.


This is complete set to build air-quality sensor (aka sensor):