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Supplier: (aka Luftdaten) compatible kit - all components to build, soldered and programmed. NodeMCU with firmware with English language. NovaFitness SD011 and BME280.

Kit with dedicated harness cable, making sturdy connection.

With BME280 (pressure readings)

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It's back!

BME280 sensors have been unavailable on the market for a long time. The effect of COVID-19 and the component market turmoil.

Good news - BME280 modules are back. So we have created kit similar to Sensor Community kit built with SHT31 and harness cable but with BME280.

BME280 are back, but price it’s price have almost doubled since compared to time before pandemic. So, if You don’t need atmospheric pressure readings, then SHT31 kit (which costs less) will be good for You.

Dedicated connectors and cables

Original kit used regular F-F jumper wires to connect sensors to NodeMCU. Simple and effective, but it had some drawbacks. Since the cables had 1 pin with no polarity markings, you had to check exactly which NodeMCU pin you are connecting to the sensor pins. And You had to pay attention not to disconnect cables during case assembly.

We have solution for these problems - dedicated connectors. We have chosen XH connectors (since SDS011 has one already). They have mechanical protection from wrong connection. To the SHT31 we have soldered XH connector and ordered special NodeMCU version with XH connectors instead of usual goldpins.

We have also created dedicated cable harness with plugs matching connectors on NodeMCU and sensors. The good news is that each plug is different, so it matches exactly one socket on NodeMCU/sensors. That makes proper connecting a breeze!


This is a complete set to build the air-quality sensor (aka sensor):