MakerBeam XL Black Starter Kit Regular

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2500 g

Using MakerbeamXL Starter Kit you can build your robot chassis, metal platform for your project and many many other things.

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Set includes:

  • simple plastic case
  • 40 pcs x MakerBeam XL (15x15mm) anodised in black beams:
    • 8 pcs x 50mm
    • 8 pcs x 100mm
    • 8 pcs x 150mm
    • 8 pcs x 200mm
    • 8 pcs x 300mm
  • 48 pcs stainless steel brackets
    • 24 pcs x 90
    • 24 pcs x T-shape
  • 2 bags bolts M3 6mm (hex head and button head)
  • 1 bag of nuts M3
  • 8 pcs end caps
  • a hex nut driver
  • a hex key driver

MakerBeamXL width and height = 15mm x 15mm. Our beams are available in different lengths. The beams are anodised, have a hollow core and have threaded holes each end.


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