Edge Connector Socket THT for BBC micro:bit

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11 g

80 pin edge connector socket perfect for BBC micro:bit

Product is retired
Tags: microbit

This connector fits directly to the edge contacts of BBC micro:bit. The connector has 80 pins (40 pins per side). Please be aware that because of the different widths of the micro:bit edge contacts, some of the micro:bit contacts will map to more than one of this connector's pins.

The edge connector gives access to all the important pins on the bottom edge of the micro:bit. Check the datasheet for the pin spacing and orientation. This connector is best used with a custom PCB!

For more information please see datasheet.

The exact same connector is used in products:


  • Number of pins: 80 (40 per side)
  • Pin raster: 1.27 mm
  • Weight: 10.2 g
  • Size: 57 x 21.5 x 12 mm


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