Arduino UNO With Ethernet Module

Weight: Help
37 g

Arduino UNO and Ethernet Shield - combined together on a single board

Product is retired

Replaced by: Arduino Leonardo ETH

Product has replacement: Arduino Leonardo ETH

This board is a combination of Arduino Uno and Ethernet Shield. Perfect solution, if you want to connect your Arduino to Ethernet network, and the space is important for you.

Arduino Ethernet doesn't have ATmega8U2 chip onboard, responsible for connecting over USB interface, so you will need a USB/Serial converter (e.g. FTDI Friend). The pinout of Arduino Ethernet socket is compatible with those of FTDI cable. The socket is female type, but there is pin headers included, turning it into male one. Thus, regardless of the type of your converter, Arduino Ethernet will work with it seamlessly.

If you need to connect multiple Arduinos to network this solution is also cheaper - a single converter will be sufficient for programming all the modules.

Arduino Ethernet is PoE ready - it means after soldering the PoE module powering your Arduino(s) over Ethernet cable is also available, according to PoE (IEEE 802.3af) standard.