Arduino LilyPad

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Create wearable electronic device with Arduino LilyPad

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Small board with non-typical shape, equipped with ATmega328V (lower voltage and power consumption) and as few additional parts as possible to keep the power consumption low.

WARNING! Because of the lack of protection against wrong voltage polarization and no voltage regulator, providing voltage with reversed polarity or value bigger than accepted by ATmega (5.5V) will cause damage of the chip.

LilyPad Arduino is dedicated to non-typical applications. Together with other electronic parts it could become a part of clothing, creating something called "wearable electronics".

LilyPad doesn't have its own USB/Serial converter. For programming, an [external converter](/products/tagged/usb,serial) is required, having its pinout compliant with the famous FTDI Cable.

Product Page on SparkFun. Wearable electronics with Arduino LilyPad - a guide:

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