2x16 LCD Kit

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35 g

2x16 characters LCD kit ready to use on a breadboard. Availble with green/black and blue/white display

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Version with I2C
In case You are looking for way to connect LCD to Arduino using only 2 wires instead 6 we have LCD Kit green, I2C i LCD Kit blue, I2C available.

LCD kit - alphanumeric display (2 lines x 16 characters) with HD44780 compliant controller (which means the built-in Arduino LiquidCrystal library will handle it). The dosplay is ready to use with a breadboard - has a pin header connector soldered. The kit contains also 10k or 5k potentiometer for contrast regulation.

The LCD module itself is based on SDEC's LMC-S2B16 chip. The datasheet is in Files section. Since October 2010 there are two versions of this kit. The newer one contains WC1602 display. It's also compliant with HD44780 standard, but the backlight is powered differently. You can turn it on, but you needn't to (in the LMC-S2B16 version the backlight is always on).

The 2x16 LCD display is also available separately (without potentiometer and pin headers), the same with blue/white display.

Datasheets of both versions - in Files section.

We are also offering a shield with a similiar display. It has also 5 buttons handled by one analog input.

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