WS2815 LED strip, 12 V, 60 LED/m, IP30, white

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Power supply - 12V (less current than 5V version), WS2815 - more resistant to failures

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  • IC Type :WS2815
  • Gray Level: 256
  • View Angle: 120°
  • Input Voltage: DC12V
  • Color: 24-bit
  • Flexible PCB Board Color: White or Black
  • Power: 0.3W per LED
  • LED size 5050
  • Storage Temperature: -30-+95 °C
  • Operating Temperature: -20 ~ +85°C *The Distance Between LEDs:
    • 30 LEDs/m - 28mm
    • 60 LEDs/m - 12mm
    • 144 LEDs/m – 1.92mm
  • Wave length: Red 650 nm ; Green 520 nm Blue 460nm

WS2815 - benefits

Using LED strips based on WS2815:

  • Power supply with 12V - it is much easier provide proper amount of power compared to 5V LED strips. Less current, less power wasted
  • MUCH more reliable strips. When single chip/LED fail - rest of strip is working. Only the failure of two subsequent chips will turn off the rest of the tape
  • Chip are integrated with LED - clean and aesthetic design

Price, length

Price is for 1m. In case of this strip, it will be 60 LEDs. Strip is w/o any additional protection (no silicone gel nor tube) - IP30. There is 5m on single roll. When You order 5 m we will try to send it in single piece.


  • Strip w/o any additional protection (IP30)
  • 60 LED/m
  • Power consuption max 18W/m
  • White PCB

Power consumption seems a bit overestimated. When we have connected strip and got power consumption up to 8 W/m. To power 5m of strip we need up to 3.3A of current.

See this strip in action driven by one of controllers: