WiFi+Bluetooth module ESP32 D1 mini

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This miniature development board is also known as ESP32 MiniKit.

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Wemos D1 mini with ESP32 on board

It cannot be denied that the Wemos D1 mini is one of our favorite development boards. It’s small, fast, cheap, easy to program, and has Wi-Fi. This board based on ESP8266 is the main microcontroller in many of our designs. However, as the example of the Nettigo Air Monitor project showed, in some applications we have to overclock ESP8266 from the base 80MHz to 160MHz (mainly because of SSL support). And when introducing each new feature, we are constantly fighting for every scrap of RAM. It would be nice if we could replace ESP8266 with ESP32 without changing the pinout…

Yes! Now we can!

ESP32 D1 mini is a board very similar to Wemos D1 mini. The module ESP-12F has been replaced here with more capable module ESP32-WROOM-32. What’s more, the functional compatibility of the pins in the two 8-pin connectors was maintained. Wherever a slightly larger size allows, there is nothing to prevent Retro Fit from the old design. And the possibilities are huge. ESP32 D1 mini is a dual-core board clocked at 240MHz, which in addition to Wi-Fi also has a Bluetooth support. Not without significance is twice the number of available GPIOs, I2S or DMA.