Ultrasonic range sensor Maxbotix MB7072-200 XL-MaxSonar-WRA1


Maxbotix MB7072 in 3/4" NPS WRC enclosure (IP67). Range up to 7.5m. Outputs: analog, serial, AE.

Range 7.5m, IP67, analog envelope, stability filtering

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Outdoor Ultrasonic Range Sensor XL-MaxSonar-WRA (MB7072) is sensor with range up to 7.5m, power supply 3V - 5.5V, average current consumption 3.4 mA. It has IP67 rated case, so it can be used outdoor.

You can access readings via:

  • Analog output with voltage Vcc/1024 for each 2 cm
  • Serial (UART) output
  • AE - analog envelope - for troubleshooting or further processing

Works on frequency 42 kHz.

MB7072 has the same parameter like MB7070, it has additional filters in firmware. Filters improve readings stability, so MB7072 is better in cases when target in range does not move quickly. For targets moving faster than 29 cm/s better choice will be MB7070

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