Two wheels robotic platform

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Two wheels robotic platform

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Great platform for first experiments with robots. Made from acrylic with detailed assembly instruction. You have to be careful - acrylic is not very durable material - it will break when dropped or stepped upon. So just be careful and do not drop it from desk :)

Two motors (max 6VDC) with gears (approx 90 RPM with no load) and 65 mm wheels. You can see how robot moves:

This is our own construction. It has big, rubber wheel not steel ball as support. Wheel behaves much better - ball usually gets stuck with dust and becomes brake…

Each behaves a bit different but it does not go straight - each motor has a bit different speed. This doesn't matter for many projects. In case You need it go straight - for each shaft there is discs with holes. With simple detector (IR LED + phototransistor) You can adjust speed on each motor to get it go straight.

This is only robot body, motors, wheels, battery socket.Arduino and some motor driver like Adafruit Motor Shield (and some sensors perhaps) are required to get fully functional robot.