Terminal block, 2 pins, raster 2.54

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Terminal block, 2 pins, raster 2.54. Fit standard perf, proto and strip boards.

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You have built prototype on breadboard. Next You have soldered it on perf board or strip board to get solid connections. Then You discover, that wires are weak spot - You can easily disconnect them by accident.

Terminal block, raster 5 mm is good, but in case You want to provide connectors for signals from standard DIP chip (raster 2.54 mm), You have to use wires to connect them with terminal. In that case terminal block with raster 2.54 is way to go!

This is 2 pin block, (but we have also 3 pin version), with screw You get sturdy connection - no more loose wires!

More connectors side by side

It looks like they are a bit wider on edges, so You can not put more than 2 blocks side by side. So biggest line has something like 4 or 5 pins. Even considering that it can be handy.

Raster 2.54mm, 2 pins, max 6A per pin.