Starter Kit w/o Arduino

Weight: Help
200 g

Do You own Arduino board? Buy other useful stuff in one handy kit

Product is retired

Starter Kit w/o Arduino. In case You have Arduino board already, You can still buy other parts, to have useful stuff. As a bonus - we have prepared few lessons to let You know Arduino: tutorials on Starter Kit blog.

This is the same set as in our Starter Kit for Arduino, version LITE

You will get:

  • breadboard 830 tie points
  • breadboard jumper wires (65 pcs)
  • 10 red LED, with resistors
  • one green and yellow LED
  • RGB LED with resistors
  • 2k2 and 10k resistors - 5 pcs of each
  • shift register 74HC595
  • 8 ports I2C port expander (PCF8574)
  • transistor 2N2222
  • 5 small buttons
  • A/B USB cable
  • sensors
    • analog temperature sensor MCP9700A
    • photocell
    • digital temperature sensor DS18B20

How to recognize parts?

Some parts in TO92 looks almost the same. On closeup picture You can see from the left:

  • 2N2222A
  • DS18B20
  • MCP9700A