Standoffs for MakerBeamXS (clear)

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Set of plastic standoffs for MakerBeamXS.

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MakerBeamXS is small and lightweight. This is pro, but can be also con. You can not build bigger devices from this elements. So what You can build?

MakerBeamXS is great add-on to bigger constructions from standard MakerBeam for supporting elements, mounting electronics or display panels. But to use them as such You need way to mount XS elements on standard beams.

These plastic standoffs are solution for that. Two holes for M1.2 screws allow to mount it on XS element. One hole will match standard MakerBeam screw, allowing to mount it on beam.

Set includes:

  • 12 plastic standoffs
  • ±24 M1.2 screws with T-slot nuts