Rubber Bumpers 9 x 4 mm - 4 pcs Set

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Self-adhesive rubber bumpers, diameter 9 mm, height 4mm

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A set of four self-adhesive rubber bumpers with diameter of 9 mm and height of 4 mm. Perfectly fit to Arduino. Stick them at the back side of the board and you'll make it more stable. What's more, when the board is lifted up by a couple of millimeters from a desk/table, there's less possible to accidentally cause a short-circuit, e.g. with a piece of naked wire lying around. So, with these bumpers you are able to put your Arduino on metal surface.

In the picture - bumpers sticked to do Arduino UNO. Obviously the Arduino isn't sold along with them.

NOTE: We're adding the bumpers for free to every regular sized Arduino (also with kits containing it) sold by us, no matter what model it is, so buy this product only if you're planning to use it elsewhere or you have an Arduino already.
We don't add these bumpers to small Arduino boards - Mini, Pro Mini, Micro - all models with footprint smaller than UNO.