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RFID/NFC waterproof sticker - NTAG203

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Waterproof NFC sticker for use with all NFC compatible phones.

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Tags: RFID, token, sticker, nfc

Universal NFC tag in form of handy waterproof sticker

35mm NFC sticker with layer of paper coated with PET. Sticker allows full wireless data transfer (read and write). NTAG203 standard means full compatibility with every NFC enabled device including smartphones, tablets and readers. Compatibility with NFC Forum Type 2 Tag standard allows for read and write on every OS.


  • Frequency: 13.56 MHz
  • Memory: 168 bytes
  • User space memory: 144 bytes
  • Write protection option: Yes
  • Compatible with standards: ISO 14443 A, NDEF, NFC Forum Type 2 Tag