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Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Starter Kit

Weight: Help
425 g

Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit, perfect set for everybody who wants to start with Raspberry Pi 3 and electronics. RPi + power supply + microSD class 10 card + breadoard + jumper wires and GPIO connector

Product is retired

Starter Kit for Rasperry Pi 3

This set is for everyone who starts teir journey with Raspberry Pi and electronics. Besides the RPi, Linux system on SD card you'll get a set of cables to do your first projects.

Examples and tutorials for Raspberry Pi.

We are for you, that's why since 2015 we've started publishing a set of tutorial for this starter kit. At this moment these tutorials are in Polish only, but you can still use ie Google translate. All tutorial can be found on Nettigo's Academy

Starter Kit for Raspberry

Starter kit includes:

To setup your Raspberry you'll need:

Additionaly you'll need Ethernet cable - look at the tutorial.

Network connection

Raspberry 3 has builitin Ethernet port and WiFi. If you want to connect using cable, you'll only need Ethernet cable.