Qwiic shield for Teensy 4.1


Simple adapter for use Qwiic compatible modules with Teensy.

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Tags: Qwiic, i2c, Teensy

Qwiic simple is I2C connector, designed for smaller devices (small footprint). But this mean it is harder to use it with µc not having Qwiic connector. If You want to use Qwiic module with Teensy 4.1 then this module is for You.

Simple PCB with 4 Qwiic connectors. It’s size is designed for Teensy 4.1. If you have still Teensy 3.5 and 3.6 modules, you can use this adapter with them too.

On PCB is SMD jumper - you can solder it if your Qwiic modules don’t have I2C pull-up builtin.

Set includes:

  • PCB module:
    • 4 złącza Qwiic
    • PROG button having the same function like button on Teensy
  • 2 female goldpins 2x24 and one 1x5. You probably will need two standard goldpin or two female socket. Which one to use will depend how you plan to solder module.