ProtoShield for Arduino UNO

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Proto shield for Arduino boards. Ready to use, soldered. As a bonus, You get small breadboard. You can prototype with wires on the breadboard and then get similar circuit soldered on proto board directly.

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Proto shield for Arduino and compatible boards. Soldered, ready to use.

Shield has RESET switch and additional not connected switch to be used by Your circuit. There are two LEDs with resistors on proto shield. You can use not only THT elements on this shield. There is a place to solder chips in SOIC package (up to SOIC14).

Place for ICSP connector on this shield will work only with UNO-like boards (will not work with Leonardo and other ATmega32u4 boards - just ICSP header not a whole proto shield).

As You can see on the picture, with the proto shield You will get small breadboard (170 points). You can quickly prototype with it on Arduino and later transfer circuit directly to the proto board.

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