Netduino Plus - 32 bit with Ethernet

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59 g

Netduino Plus - 32 bit processor, .NET capability and integrated Ethernet port. Programmed with .Net MF

Product is retired
Tags: netduino, arm, dotnet

Netduino Plus - the same dimensions (comparing to Arduino), but the interior is different:

  • 32 bit ARM7 processor, clocked at 48 MHz
  • Flash memory available for programs: 64 kB (128 kB without Ethernet interface implementation)
  • RAM memory available: 28 kB (60 kB without Ethernet)
  • Program code can be written in .NET (e.g. Visual Studio)


Major electrical differences in comparision to Arduino:

  • significantly lower output currents are available in Arduino. Moreover, maximum output current values are different for each output
  • the logic levels are TTL 3.3V, but 5V tolerant


Netduino Plus is the same controller as Netduino, but it's integrated with Ethernet module and microSD card reader.

Detailed technical specification on project's page.