MPM-10B adapter kit

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Adapter kit for simpler MPM-10B use. PCB + female connector and M2 screws.

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We mention, that with MPM-10B not only PCB adapter But whole adapter kit will be available. Here it is.

Looking now at final product we are sure that PCB needs some corrections. Goldpins are in wrong place, with connected jumper wire they will obstruct air flow. So we will move them in next PCB edition, but for now you can use angle goldpin not straight ones (like on product picture) instead. Low profile connector won’t obstruct airflow.

Set includes:

What you will find in kit:

  • PCB itself PCB-2197
  • socket 2x5 THT raster 1.27 mm (to solder in PCB and plug MPM-10B)
  • two M2 6mm screws for sensor mounting

What is missing in kit: