Moduł Bluetooth 4.0 na USB

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Add a bluetooth connection to your computer.

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Add Bluetooth capability to your computer super fast with a USB BT 4.0 adapter. This adapter is backwards compatible with v2.1 and earlier, but also supports the latest v4.0/Bluetooth Low Energy. Inside lies a CSR8510 Bluetooth USB host.

Users shared information that this modules work on a Windows 7 computer, installing as a ‘generic’ Bluetooth device.

On Internet you can find information that these modules share a small pool of MAC addresses, so you may get some with the same MAC. That means you cannot use two of them in the same room/computer or they’ll collide the RF data. For most people, you only need one per computer.

Drivers for CSR Bluetooth modules are built into Windows XP/7/8 so you do not need to install any software or download anything: other bluetooth drivers or ‘stacks’ such as BlueSoleil are not as good as the Windows stack and will cause problems. Just plug it in and let windows auto-install the BT driver. In Linux you need to use Bluez.

Technical Details - Max Dimensions: 18.66mm / 0.73” x 22.67mm / 0.89” - Weight: 23.82g - Sensitivity: -86dBm - Transmission: +6dBm - CSR8510 Bluetooth USB host

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