Makerbeam XS - sample set

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42 g

Feel it by yourself - MakerBeamXS is really small!

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When first we got this sample set we were surprised how tiny MakerBeamXS elements are! Beams itself (only 5x5 mm) are not so small, but all mounting accessories… Gosh they are small, without tweezers don’t start!

Why I would need it?

One of use cases is to mount electronics or some smaller accessories on construction from regular MakerBeam. Especially where place and weight is a concern XS can be good match!

Set includes:

  • Screwdriver
  • Three beams, different length, in clear, black and blue finish
  • One piece:
    • square bracket
    • corner bracket
    • T bracket
  • T-slot nuts
  • Screws M1.2
  • Few plastic standoffs