MakerBeam set of 25 pieces T-slot nuts and 50 bolts

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Set of 25 T-slot nuts and 50 bolts for MakerBeam profiles.

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1 bag T-slot nuts contains 25 T-slot nuts for MakerBeam , 25 bolts ISO7380, M3, 4mm, A2 and 25 bolts DIN7991, M3, 4mm, A2.

The MakerBeam T-slot nut is made of stainless steel and was specially designed to slide into the T-slot grooves of the MakerBeam aluminum profile. The T-slot nut is great to fasten brackets or corner cubes.

For these two purposes the nuts come with two types of bolts. The first type is a button head socket screw (ISO7380, M3, 4mm, A2) and is meant to be used with brackets. The second is the flat head countersunk socket screw (DIN7991, M3, 4mm, A2) and is meant to be used with corner cubes.

Do note that because of the 4mm thread the load bearing capacity of structures will be limited. And be careful with the bolts that come with the corner cubes. 4mm or 6mm is hard to tell apart!