M1.2 x 2mm Phillips Pan Head Screws for MakerBeamXS (MakerBeam 105039)

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M1.2 screw, set of 200 pcs

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Main element used to join MakerBeamXS elements together are t-slot nuts and M1.2 screws. They are really small, see picture below. Wemos D1 mini for a scale, it looks like mega not mini compared to MakerBeamXS…

On picture You see few MakerBeamXS beams, T bracket, screws M1.2, corner bracket. As You can see corner brackets are not exactly 90°, if You need 90° exactly use L brackets. T-slot nuts are there too, but You don’t see them :)

Set includes:

  • bag of ±200 pcs of M1.2 screws