LED 8x32 (blue) matrix module driven by MAX7219

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MAX7219 for rescue when You need to display some text from Arduino. Soldered, mounted - ready to work. Vivid blue LEDs 8x32.

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MAX7219 is 7seg LED display driver. But LEDs does have to be placed in 7seg style - so MAX7219 can drive 8x8 LED matrix. And MAX7219 chips can be joined in chains. Thus this 8x32 LED matrix - built from 4 modules placed side by side.

But - since MAX7219 chips can be joined even in longer strips - You can attach next modules to get even longer display.


  • Size: 129 mm x 32 mm x 13 mm (height includes LED module, but not pins below PCB)
  • Power supply: 5V
  • Soldered 1x5 angle goldpin (IN side)

Set includes:

  • LED matrix module 8x32
  • F-F jumper wires, 20 cm, 5 pcs
  • 1x5 angle goldpin to solder on OUT side



Using this libraries set MD_MAX72XX::FC16_HW as hardware type. In case display is wrong (letters are reversed on each submodule) try other variants: MD_MAX72XX::PAROLA_HW, MD_MAX72XX::GENERIC_HW or MD_MAX72XX::ICSTATION_HW.

On Starter Kit we have post with example how to use this module.