LCD display, 48x84, Nokia 5510

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LCD display, 48x84, Nokia 5510

Product is retired

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Products we want to get rid off ;) Sometimes damaged, sometimes just to complicated or something other making them not welcome in our offer.


  • short warranty - 2 weeks to check if product works
  • we are issuing regular VAT invoices for these products
  • returns are accepted in 2 weeks timeframe

Any additional conditions are below in product description


LCD displays are all scratched. This is not reason for replacement/refund. Other issues (dead pixels, etc) are covered.

Small, cheap and versatile LCD

Very small and handy LCD screen. Useful especially when you have limited space. Native resolution 48x84 pixels.

This LCD works with 3.3V logic. Also should be supplied with 3.3V. Alternatively you may power it with 5V, however it with significantly shorten it’s lifespan.


  • Dimensions 45x45mm
  • Supply voltage: 2.7-3.3V
  • Resolution: 48×84 pixels
  • Driver: PCD8544