Larduino Mini - faster Arduino Pro Mini clone

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6 g

Arduino Pro Mini clone with 32MHz microcontroller.

Product is retired

Larduino, the most cost effective Arduino board, is right for users who have strict requirements on budget and applications that may needs more than one controllers such as wearable instruments, outdoor monitors, etc. It is Arduino pins and IDE compatilble, while with a lower price but more competitive capacities by some way.

This Larduino Mini has the same pins definition with Arduino Mini, it is compatible with all the Arduini existing program, shield and IDE. Besides, it has some special functions such as overclocking to 32Mhz, which is two times of the Arduino board.


  • Ultra low price, high performance.
  • Compatible with Arduino existing program, shield and IDE.
  • Compatible to original Arduino Pro Mini layout and dimension.
  • Operating clock can reach up to 32MHz(default:16Mhz).
  • Programable internal 32MHz Calibrated Oscillator.
  • Surport operating voltage: 3.3V/5V.
  • I2C and Serial communication connector.
  • Wide input voltage range(RAW Pin):6-16V.
  • Internal temperature sensor.


  • Processor: LGT8F88A
  • Flash Memory: 8KB
  • SRAM:2KB
  • Data Flash(EEPROM Alike): 504 Byte
  • Maximum Operating Clock: 32Mhz
  • Operating Voltage:1.8~5.5V
  • Max of IO Pin Drive Output Current: 63.1mA
  • Max of IO Pin Drive Sink Current: 80mA

How to setup an IDE can be found on Wiki webpage.

We have tested module in some basic setups, however we cannot guarantee that all libraries will work with this module - YMMV