Kitronik :VIEW text32 LCD Screen for the BBC micro:bit (Kitronik 5650)

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2x16 display for micro:bit

Działa z BBC micro:bit V1 i V2

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The Kitronik :VIEW Text32 character LCD, for those times when the LED Matrix and/or external LEDs aren’t delivering adequate visual feedback from your microbit project. The :VIEW Text32 is a character LCD showing 32 characters (2 lines of 16 characters). The :VIEW Text32 also breaks out the BBC micro:bit pins to edge pads (excluding pin14).

On the back of the :VIEW Text32 is a 3 x AAA battery holder to provide power to the :VIEW Text32, the attached micro:bit, and the replicated edge connector. There is a power switch for turning the battery supply on and off. The replicated edge connector can supply 90mA (as per the normal micro:bit)

Kitronik has produced a set of custom blocks for the Microsoft MakeCode editor. To add them click on the cog icon in the top right of the editor, then; select Extensions from the drop down menu, type and enter Kitronik into the search bar and select the :VIEW Text32 tile from the list. The custom blocks will now be added to the editor and can be used in your code.


  • Size: 84x63x29 mm
  • LCD 2x16, green display, black characters

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