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HT-CT62 - ESP32/SX1262 stamp module

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Small development board build on popular ESP32 and SX1262 LoRa radio!

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HT-CT62 is even smaller than Wireless Shell. It has only 17.8mm x 17.8mm and has ESP32-C3 (Shell has ESP32-S3) with SX1262 LoRa radio.

We offer also ESP Dev Backplane for ease of developement/prototyping.

Product page on Heltec website for HT-CT62


  • Processor: ESP32-C3FN4
  • LoRa radio chip: SX1262 (863-870 MHz)
  • PCB size: 17.8mm x 17.8mm x 2.8mm
  • Connectors IPEX1.0 for WiFi and LoRa antennas (not included)