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HMC5883L adapter, I2C, 3 axis magnetometer


Small HMC5883L adapter board. 3 axis magnetometer, I2C interface.

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Small board (13.5 x 19 x 2.5 mm) with HMC5833L. This sensor is 3 axis magnetometer with the I2C interface. On board there is voltage regulator so You can power board with 5V. There is no clear answer if You can use 5V TTL signals on the I2C interface. Regarding HMC5883L datasheet, maximum rating for logic level is 3.3V when Vcc is 5V (in this design Vdd = Vddio). Besides that, maximum voltage rating for Vddio is set for 4.8V (page 3 HMC5883L datasheet). All that suggest You should use logic level converter for I2C lines when connecting to Arduino working on 5V. You can find many examples people connecting it directly to I2C on Arduino and all was working, so maybe chip can stand that...

Technical details

  • Size 13.5 mm x 19 mm x 2.5 mm
  • Power supply 2.16V - 5V
  • ±2 mGs accuracy (it is 1°-2°degree accuracy)
  • ± 8 Gs measurement range
  • power consumption 2 µA in idle mode, 100 µA at measurement (average at 7.5 Hz ODR)