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Heltec's Wireless Stick Lite v3 - ESP32 + LoRa


Great LoRa board (SX1276) with ESP32. Great for low power IoT, LoRaWAN applications (≤30 µA in deep sleep)

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Tags: LoRa, LoRaWAN, ESP32

Wireless Stick is board similar to WiFi LORA 32 v2 but no OLED display. Display is not needed in every project and skipping it makes whole project less energy hungry.

This is another revision (v3) of Wireless Stick Lite. Main differences compared to Wireless Stick Lite v2? See table below:

  v2 v3
Processor ESP32-D0 ESP32-S3
Radio chip SX1276 SX1262
USB connector microUSB USB C
Oscillator Std High precision
Deep sleep current 30 µA < 10 µA

In case You like this module, You may be interested in module being core of this product - Heltec Wireless Shell is exactly the same ESP32 + SX1262 module used here.


  • PCB size 58 x 22.5 mm
  • Board size (with connectors, switches, etc): 59.3 x 24.8 x 8 mm
  • Power supply (USB or via 5V pin): 4.7V - 6V
  • Processor ESP32-S3 (4 MB flash)
  • Radio SX1262 (868 MHz)
  • SH1.25-2 Connector for LiPo battery, with control circuit on board (Matching cable).
  • USB C connector for programming (CP2102 converter)


Set includes:

  • board Wireless Stick Lite
  • antenna 868Mhz (spring type)
  • goldpins
  • JST cable (for battery connector)