Headers for Arduino Mega Proto Shield

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Do You need Proto Shield for Arduino Mega R3, with long pins and all outputs brought on shield? This headers set (no PCB!) is for You!

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7 x 8 pin header, 3 x 10 pin lets You build with Proto PCB for Arduino Mega R3 shield with all Arduino outputs brought out to shield.

We sell only headers, without PCB, PCB needs to be purchased separately.

To solder, put shield and headers together, place on Arduino and solder single pins from each header. Then remove shield from Arduino and solder all pins.

Warning - long pins can be easy bent when disconnecting shield.

This set works only with Proto PCB R3 (does not match R2 proto PCB).

Do You prefer ready to use module?

We also carry ready to use, soldered proto module for Arduino Mega.

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